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Dec 20, Dd rated it liked it.

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Hello Readers!! Well I have a question. Who do you think will the messy,sweet and lovable heroine choose?? Will she go for the meathead alpha male Oh and this meathead alpha male happens to be a Dom who likes to tie her up and the reasonable slightly metro hunk is not very far behind. Well the meathead alpha male is Jake and the resonable metro hunk is Adam. Take one without Hello Readers!! Take one without the other and the relationship might fail,falling into outrageous possessiveness for Jake and overindulgence on Adam's part. But together,they are exactly what she needed,craved.

But she is facing a problem. A BIG problem. Someone is stalking her Worse,whoever that is hates her work.

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Worse still,the police and everyone else thinks she is faking it for publicity. At last her agent asks her to go to the McKay-Taggart security agency. And Adam and Jake get assigned on her case. Jake is attracted to her,but he is very careful. Brutal betrayals in his past have left him closed off.

He does not trust easily. Adam is instantly attracted to her too and feels a connection. In Serena he sees a woman who could accept him and Jake and their needs. But is Serena lying and faking it for publicity?? Or she really has a stalker??

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A stalker who is getting more and more dangerous Gorgeous,stylish,sexy,and well-organized. The organization bit actually did things to her girl parts. Adam miles would even be organized during sex. Screaming orgasm. Check and check. Ian Taggart. Maintenance just called and said some asshole stopped the elevator and guess what? They started out on my floor. Are you fucking the client in the goddamn elevator five minutes after I told you not to fuck the fucking client? It don't matter if the girl is a con or not. She's cute and sweet and obviously submissive.

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  • If you want her,take her. Spank her ass,fuck her until she can't see straight,and lay down some ground rules. No more fake stalking and no more of that pussy-Dom,BDSM romance shit that makes women think they can walk all over us. The second bit is important. Easy on,easy off.

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    Wham,bam,leave you frustrated ma'am. So,Readers if you are looking for a hot,sexy,enjoyable read,definitely go for this!! My only complaint is that the charaters behaved very immaturely at times. Fought and got hurt over silly reasons. But overall it was quite good. That's all for now.

    View all 66 comments. Nov 04, Eve Between The Bookends rated it it was amazing. Probably my favorite out of the whole series so far!

    View 2 comments. This book is epic!!! I don't remember the last time I laughed so much while reading an erotica, especially a BDSM one :D The angle with the main woman writing erotica, loved it ahahaha and the dudes making fun of "pussy Doms" from those books was hilarious! The main guys were funny in the previous book and they were funny here too, though they did have some Uber dense moments but whatever.

    I enjoyed this book so much, I don't really care XD. View all 8 comments. May 16, Sabrina rated it it was amazing Shelves: bdsm-kink-menage , audio-listen , cop-military-bodyguard-merc. Shelves: bdsm , buy-list , contemp , erotica , menage , romance. Unfortunately, the push and pull between the main 3 characters quickly came to a closed circle, redundant, and I couldn't understand the heroine's reluctance to accept what she had wished for so long when it was finally right at her door I liked that both Jake and Adam, even when they were fighting like children, but didn't understand how 2 men knowing each other for so long, dreaming the same dream for so long, could gave into what seems like a petulant quarrel?

    Too many contradictions and changes of heart in this story, led me to disinterest quickly enough to not even care for an Hea View all 9 comments. This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Serena Brooks is a author who knows that she has a dangerous stalker. She write erotic romance and is proud of what she writes, she may not be on a top best seller lists but she has a good following.

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    However when she goes to the police for help they give her the run around and don't even take her seriously, they believe she is doing it herself for publicity. So Serena is talked into going to a specialized group for help, a or This review was originally posted on Addicted To Romance Summary Serena Brooks is a author who knows that she has a dangerous stalker. So Serena is talked into going to a specialized group for help, a organization of men that work for the government and do hired work if necessary.

    But when Serena goes for a consultation, she is practically rejected by two men Adam and Jake who work together in concert. When their boss finds out, heads roll and they are ordered to stay by her side and protect her until they can find out who is really behind it all. But their stalker is right under their nose and is more dangerous than any of them can imagine, and Serena is in great danger if they can't find the stalker first We have both Adam and Jacob. Now these two are as close as brothers, and they need to share a woman for them to be satisfied. They are both looking for "the one" that can make it a perfect trio.

    Adam is carefree and playful and Jacob is cautious and domineering. They balance out the menage relationship just right.

    The Men with the Golden Cuffs

    I actually liked both of these characters and they do balance each other out both in and out of the bedroom. Now Jacob is the official "Dom". He went through the official training and has the mindset of it. Adam can be in the mindset, but is more tender and careful and doesn't have the patience for the Dom Course the club provides. I did enjoy both of them and they are a hoot when they get together.

    They make you laugh your socks off constantly and their bantering is so witty and fun to see. She has never experienced it on her own though.