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Data Governance. Data Management. Insights on the importance of data backup and disaster recovery strategies. World Backup Day is March 31, a day to reflect on and reassess data backup and disaster recovery strategies. Here, several IT and security experts offer their thoughts on what the day means. The rule on effective backup strategies: Trust but verify. World Backup Day serves as a reminder for enterprises and individuals to continue to remain proactive when it comes to managing their data.

Not only should organizations have a backup strategy, it is also extremely important for IT teams to test it regularly. The first time a business tests their backup tactics should not be during an emergency. Your data is top priority. Backup plans should be no less so. World Backup Day is an important reminder of this reality, with many organizations forgetting a few essentials to a solid backup plan. First, performing backups as frequently as possible often falls by the wayside of priorities, but this is a very effective way to prevent data loss.

1. Resting data

Moreover, the location of your backup must be kept top-of-mind, the closer it is to the primary data, the better. Finally, while emphasis is frequently on the recovery point of when your last backup was taken, recovery time is just as important. The bottom line is backup and disaster recovery plans must be assessed consistently to safeguard data and protect organizations from being taken off guard by the next disaster. Data backup plans start with deciding what is an acceptable level of risk. How much data am I prepared to lose?

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How much money will it cost while these services are not available? The most valuable assets should be prioritized and organizations need to be demanding about the quality, scalability and reliability of Backup solutions.

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The process of backing up data is pivotal to a successful Disaster Recovery plan. Data loss can be a crippling event for any organization. But it can be hard for internal IT teams to manage the required technologies on their own. You never know when a natural disaster will strike your customer, or when they will be the target of a cyberattack.

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Cyberattackers have the ability to hack into servers and delete all saved data, but natural disasters such as fires and floods and even human error can have just as catastrophic results. Aviv ironmountain. Singh ironmountain. Windle fleishman. General Tags: compare online backups, top rated online backups, online backup, data storage, online backup companies, CEO interviews, online file backup, online backup news, online backup providers directory, SaaS, online data backup, online backup services, software as a service, online file storage, cloud computing, online backup reviews, backing up online, data security.

Executed via an elaborate spam message, these attacks target employees working for large organizations that use business messengers with a function to exchange voice messages and receive voice message notifications through corporate emails. As is the goal with all spam campaigns, the malicious emails are carefully designed to look and sound legitimate to corporate users. To listen to the message, the recipient is asked to follow what is actually a phishing link that leads to a fake authorization page of one or several popular Microsoft services such as the login page for an Outlook email client or a basic Microsoft account.

This distracts users and leads them to believe the email was merely an innocent promotion of the service. Obviously, missing an important message is a constant fear for employees of large companies as it can affect vital business processes. Therefore, such attacks are likely to have a successful outcome for fraudsters. The targeted employees, afraid to lose the notification in a huge stream of business correspondence, are understandably tempted to follow malicious links and enter their data. We urge all employers to educate their teams on basic cybersecurity hygiene, to avoid becoming a victim of such scams.

To protect users and businesses from malicious email campaigns, Kaspersky recommends:.

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  7. About Kaspersky Kaspersky is a global cybersecurity company founded in Over million users are protected by Kaspersky technologies and we help , corporate clients protect what matters most to them. Learn more at usa. Media Contact: Cassandra Faro Cassandra. Faro Kaspersky. General Tags: CEO interviews, online data backup, online backup, online backup news, top rated online backups, online file storage, SaaS, online file backup, data security, online backup providers directory, online backup reviews, backing up online, data storage, online backup companies, compare online backups, cloud computing, online backup services, software as a service.

    Enterprise customers now have an integrated solution that delivers rapid, secure access to files and data stored on infinitely scalable, exceptionally cost-effective cloud storage. Organizations gain the cost benefits of cloud object storage while retaining the performance of on-premises network-attached storage NAS. Customers of all sizes are discovering that it is possible to deploy cloud object storage outside the traditional use cases of long-term retention and native S3 cloud applications. Some of the everyday use cases being put into production by Wasabi and LucidLink joint customers include:.

    We look forward to working with LucidLink to continually provide our joint global customers with a better, faster, and more affordable data storage solution.

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    About LucidLink: LucidLink offers a cloud-native file service, which was designed specifically for extensive data access over distance and to provide the performance needed to run file-based workloads on object storage for maximum efficiency and productivity. It supports all major operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and macOS. The LucidLink customer base is growing rapidly in the media and entertainment sector, among managed service providers, and within government agencies. Founded in , by former DataCore executives.

    It has offices in Bulgaria, Europe, and Australia. For more information about our resellers and partners program, please contact info lucidlink. Follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn and visit us at www. Created by Carbonite co-founders and cloud storage pioneers David Friend and Jeff Flowers, Wasabi is on a mission to commoditize the storage industry. Wasabi is a privately held company based in Boston, MA.

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    General Tags: online backup providers directory, data storage, backing up online, software as a service, online backup reviews, online backup news, online file backup, compare online backups, online backup companies, online backup, online file storage, cloud computing, data security, SaaS, online data backup, online backup services, CEO interviews, top rated online backups.

    This free offering represents a unique opportunity for MSPs to evaluate and use the Probax service in-house, without commitment or cloud storage costs. Customers can quickly and reliably backup critical applications and data to a disruptively affordable and higher performing cloud storage service for ultimate protection and economics. Being able to access 1TB of backup as a service cloud storage for free means our partners can evaluate our offerings without obligation.

    By leveraging the Probax platform, North American MSPs servicing the enterprise, small business, and public sector can now offer cost effective and leading backup and recovery solutions to their customers. The new partnership offers substantial cost savings and enhanced performance so partners can gain additional margin while providing a cost effective, reliable and secure storage solution.

    About Probax www. Probax is proud to offer its services exclusively to MSPs globally. General Tags: online backup services, cloud computing, top rated online backups, CEO interviews, data storage, software as a service, data security, SaaS, compare online backups, online backup providers directory, online backup news, backing up online, online backup companies, online data backup, online backup reviews, online file storage, online backup, online file backup.

    Available today from the Quest Data Protection business, the newest release of NetVault Backup makes it easier than ever for organizations to protect and recover their business critical applications and data in both the data center and in the cloud. New Office Exchange Online support includes the ability to backup and restore user mail boxes to any cloud, disk or tape based storage target.

    Email search has been made even easier and now NetVault enables restores of individual emails and files with the ability to restore emails to specific folders in Outlook. New OneDrive support enables backup and restore of data from OneDrive user and group files and folders to any storage target. This removes the need for new or additional user interfaces. With extended support for Office , NetVault Backup increases confidence and minimizes risk, speeds up restore to reduce downtime, and ensures business continuity. NetVault Backup About Quest Quest provides software solutions for the rapidly-changing world of enterprise IT that help simplify the challenges caused by data explosion, cloud expansion, hybrid data centers, security threats and regulatory requirements.

    Since , Quest has built a portfolio of solutions which now includes database management, data protection, identity and access management, Microsoft platform management and unified endpoint management. With Quest, organizations spend less time on IT administration and more time on business innovation. Media Contacts: Lisa Williams Lisa.

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    Williams quest. General Tags: CEO interviews, online file storage, data storage, online backup, online backup reviews, online backup providers directory, software as a service, online backup news, online backup companies, online file backup, backing up online, top rated online backups, SaaS, cloud computing, online backup services, data security, online data backup, compare online backups. This funding will help in accelerating product innovation for their SD-WAN platform and expanding their offering into new markets and channels.

    The funding follows a year of momentum for the Beaverton-based company.