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H.R 22, formerly the Hire More Heroes Act, has become the Senate's vehicle for passage of the Developing a Reliable and Innovative Vision for the.

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This shift involves not just building inspiring visions but facing difficult truths about the present reality and learning how to use the tension between vision and reality to inspire truly new approaches. Much has been written about these leadership capabilities in the organizational learning literature and the tools that support their development.

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If these aims are so widely shared, then why are such organizations so rare? Watching people grow as system leaders has shown us repeatedly the depth of commitment it requires and clarified the particular gateways through which budding system leaders begin their developmental journeys. These gateways do not define the whole of those journeys, but they do determine whether or not they ever commence.

Those unwilling to pass through them may say all the right things about system leadership, but they are unlikely to make much progress in embodying their aspirations. Real change starts with recognizing that we are part of the systems we seek to change. The fear and distrust we seek to remedy also exist within us—as do the anger, sorrow, doubt, and frustration. Our actions will not become more effective until we shift the nature of the awareness and thinking behind the actions. Roca, Inc. Roca works with youths whom, by and large, no one else will work with. The practice begins by getting all the critical players in any situation into a circle and opening with each person saying a few words about his deepest intentions.

The central idea behind the circle is that what affects the individual affects the community, and that both need to be healed together. Developing peacekeeping circles has not been easy, including for Baldwin herself. This is never going to work! The issue is you, not us, because we hold the moral high ground! These three openings match the blind spots of most change efforts, which are often based on rigid assumptions and agendas and fail to see that transforming systems is ultimately about transforming relationships among people who shape those systems.

Many otherwise well-intentioned change efforts fail because their leaders are unable or unwilling to embrace this simple truth. Today, this willingness to open the mind, heart, and will has extended far beyond the four walls of Roca as the organization has evolved into a critical interface between gangs, police, courts, parole boards, schools, and social service agencies. It has been a long journey for former social activists who often saw the cops as the enemy.

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Re-orienting strategy: creating the space for change and enabling collective intelligence and wisdom to emerge Ineffective leaders try to make change happen. System leaders focus on creating the conditions that can produce change and that can eventually cause change to be self-sustaining. As we continue to unpack the prerequisites to success in complex collaborative efforts, we appreciate more and more this subtle shift in strategic focus and the distinctive powers of those who learn how to create the space for change.

Our VP of product looked at the results—the known toxins embedded in our products and processes and the many chemicals that posed uncertain risks—and then surprised us, by asking what we thought he should do. We figured he was the head of this part of the business and would know. But after some time, we understood. The stuff that was in our products was there because of cost, function, and our design and material choices.

Over the ensuing weeks and months came an epiphany for Winslow. While Nike had about 25, employees at that time, there were only about designers. Five to 10 percent of our designers represented only 15 to 30 people. Suddenly, building an initial critical mass seemed far less daunting. So I went knocking on doors.

With the report in hand, Winslow simply showed the results to designers and asked what they thought. If they were, I asked for a second meeting. Soon Winslow was bringing together groups of engaged designers and others in related product creation functions, and a new network started to emerge. It is the challenge that engages them. A movement was born within Nike. For example, the Joint Roadmap Towards Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals, a joint initiative of Greenpeace, Nike, Puma, Adidas, New Balance, and others, aims to systematically identify major toxins and achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals in the entirety of the sport apparel manufacturing industry worldwide, starting in China.

We are all on a steep learning curve in understanding this gateway of creating space for change, but it seems to be crucial not only in initiating collaborative efforts but in what ultimately can arise from them.

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Systemic change needs more than data and information; it needs real intelligence and wisdom. System leaders like Baldwin and Winslow understand that collective wisdom cannot be manufactured or built into a plan created in advance. Instead, system leaders work to create the space where people living with the problem can come together to tell the truth, think more deeply about what is really happening, explore options beyond popular thinking, and search for higher leverage changes through progressive cycles of action and reflection and learning over time. Knowing that there are no easy answers to truly complex problems, system leaders cultivate the conditions wherein collective wisdom emerges over time through a ripening process that gradually brings about new ways of thinking, acting, and being.

For those new to system leadership, creating space can seem passive or even weak.

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For them, strong leadership is all about executing a plan. Even more to the point, the conscious acts of creating space, of engaging people in genuine questions, and of convening around a clear intention with no hidden agenda, creates a very different type of energy from that which arises from seeking to get people committed to your plan. System leaders understand that plans and space are the yang and yin of leadership. Both are needed. But what is needed even more is balance between the two.

Practice, practice, practice: all learning is doing, but the doing needed is inherently developmental Bringing together diverse stakeholders with little history of collaboration, different mental models, and different and even apparently competing aims is a high-risk undertaking. Good intentions are not enough. You need skills. But skills come only from practice. Everybody wants tools for systemic change.

This is why system leaders like Baldwin and Winslow never stop practicing how to help people see the larger systems obscured by established mental models, how to foster different conversations that gradually build genuine engagement and trust, and how to sense emerging possibilities and help shift the collective focus from just reacting to problems to releasing collective creativity.

The practice is internal and external, and it requires discipline. Fortunately, a rich set of tools has emerged from diverse fields over the past few decades for developing these core system leadership capabilities. The tools that matter have two functions: they produce practical benefits and they affect how people think and see the world.

You cannot change how another thinks.

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It was registered as a political party in , but was later absorbed into the right-wing Patriotic Alliance. Michaloliakos severed those links in and Golden Dawn became the primary focus of far-right politics in Greece. When did it start becoming a serious political force? Its fortunes changed the following year as austerity measures began to bite and unemployment soared. In local elections in Athens in November the party won 5. In some Athens neighbourhoods with large immigrant communities the party secured as much as 20 per cent of the vote.

Why did the eurozone crisis have such a profound effect?

It is targeting all that anger and sense of abuse that, collectively, Greek people feel at the hands of the government and state. What crimes is the party accused of? So far this year there have been attacks and two immigrants have been murdered. Who funds the party? No-one is sure. Golden Dawn has flourished in the shadows, says The Guardian. Opponents have "remained eerily quiet" about its structure, its leadership and those who fund it.

The lack of public debate about the party has added to the "mystique" of an organisation whose "workings remain opaque," it adds. You've done that thing even since you're a sperm. You accept this and you are the surviving winner. It reminds me about some 'fall and rise again' in my life. Rise up at the same time and at the same place that you have fallen.

There is no choice but to endure. There is no other way than to renounce self-doubt. It is the time of the Dawning in more ways than one. It is the time of Dawning in more ways than one. The sun can rise, and so can I.