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An unsettling, otherworldly video by Anders Malmberg was shot in the Edenic forests of eastern Denmark, it sees Mariam and Andreas reconnecting with nature, hinting at passion and conflict, beauty and temptation. We cling onto each other, holding hard to what is still steady. It is sprung from the turbulent times we live in. The chaos in the world and the speed of everything. Fighting to stay above the surface. The film which was photographed by Luca Ciuti was shot on location in Ireland, at the beautiful Lough Ine House, about an hour and a half outside of Cork.

Swedish husband and wife duo Mariam Wallentin and Andreas Werliin return to their drums and vocal blueprint with devastating emotional effect. All recorded at home, almost exclusively solo, and, until recently, all self-released and available only via Bandcamp. Our Love , the new album from Caribou , is the sound of Dan Snaith changing the game.

The warm analogue sounds of classic soul should not be overlooked either, for they weave themselves most intensely into the records DNA. Natalie Prass announces debut album for 26 January via Spacebomb. European tour starts on Wednesday.

Alex G reveals Hollow video, album due 10 November. Alex G plays his first UK shows this November. Very well worth it. Earlier today I enjoyed the Quad to Stereo version. Use a little imagination and you can hear the 4 channel mix. Also the replica album covers are made from good quality cardboard, with inner sleeves. A very nice touch. All the way around this is a very well thought out, and well presented package. My only complaint about this is that the out-takes were not included, and I am saying this as someone who bought both the deluxe and super deluxe editions.

Seems a shame that someone who wants the out-takes would have to go and buy the deluxe even if they have purchased this super deluxe. True I feel the same way, I don't know why they didn't include the out-takes. People would be complainig as well if Rhino did include the outtakes they already put out earlier this year.

Also they opted for a different and superior remaster of disc 1, making the two releases complementary. That's actually a very fan friendly move, especially for the European fans who had the outtakes disc since Still waiting for my box set to be dispatched :frown:. I hope other album receive the very same treatment in the near future.

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A must for any die hard fan for sure even if you own the deluxe edition. How do the live shows sound? Did they tinker with the mix at all? I think both live shows sounds really amazing!


From my initial quick hearing , Ozzy's vocals and Iommi's guitar are up front in the mix , both Geezer's bass and Bill drums sound fantastic but I would have loved to have Geezer's bass a little tad higher in the mix , overall the mix and sound are quite close to how the band sound on the debut and 'Paranoid' albums , comparing Brussels to those vids all around the internet ,the sound quality is definitely better and cleaner without messing the sound or vibe of the band. I personally didn't bother check the quality of the album itself or the quadraphonic mix yet!

That's another MUST for any Sabbath fans and the sound quality is incomparable to any versions I personally own and I'm talking about the digital downloads that were available with those packages too! You can certain details and dynamics that you wouldn't notice on previous versions. Sabbath is a unique animal , wide mass appeal , yet with quality packaging and sound quality , they are all over the map As for those complaining about this new package , why , it's just great having anything new to buy from Sabbath!! God Bless.

I would have to disagree about the 8LP box. It's got smiley-faced EQ on it and was digitally sourced. Dynamically, as well, I found it sounded a little compressed. Not over the top at all, mind you, but not the kind of punch in the drums that I get from original pressings.

A great set, to be sure. But previously unnoticed "details" is typically a sign of compression, and it's impact quickly wears off compared to the overall warmth and feel of a mix, IMO. I believe record labels are very adept at selling us music for which we have already paid, and one of the quickest routes to that is getting an astute listener to say to himself: "Hey, I don't remember that bass note being that audible before.

All three retain warmth and never burn your ears because the top end is kept in check. And for "bass," I've never heard anybody get more detail out of Vol.

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  • Alex G sells out Sebright Arms, announces UK tour for March 2015.
  • Between Waves (Deluxe Version).

Back to the set at hand which I love, btw! The Montreux "mix" exists "as is. Hence, there isn't much that can be done with how loud Osbourne's vocal is in the mix.

It's a soundboard feed, so a little clinical, but I think Andy Pearce and Matt Wortham did a wonderful job in adding a bit but largely leaving well enough alone. The Quad folded to Stereo mix is also quite interesting. Overall, a really great set.

And the tourbook and detailed liner notes make it a really excellent value, IMO. Kindly notice that I was only referring to the available digital downloads from the 8LP set and not the actual vinyls themselves! But comparing those digitally download versions to my other previously owned CD versions in particular I think this versions are the best I've personally heard specially on albums on SBS and Sabotage were Geezer's bass seems to be more audible with more punch to it as well.

But anyway I can't agree more that the new Super deluxe package is quite excellent specially when it comes to the quality of packaging and items included tour book and detailed liner notes! TBH, I haven't even listened to the downloads which came with the vinyl box. I was under the impression that they were the same as the HDtracks versions, which I personally found too bright, but they might not even be the same.

I've sort of gone back to listening to Sabbath on vinyl, so all of these digital versions have taken a backseat. This new set is one where I'm happy to make an exception. Great to see this live material get a proper release!

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I just got around listening to the quad disc. This is by far the best sounding recording of Paranoid.

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I have all the CD versions and most vinyl. What really shines is the actual Paranoid track itself. It is so clear. Past releases were very bass heavy. This defines the guitar tone how it should sound. It really gives you the opportunity to crank the volume without distorting the track. The solo has the ring modulator enhanced and in front more.